Body by Vi is it legit?

Is body by vi legit?

The answer is yesit is a product of Visalus a company formed in 2005 it is a direct sales company like Avon, Mary Kay and the Pampered Chef For that reason alone people are  skeptical   and they think that all companies like this  are a  pyramid thing. Those people are just misinformed. Body by vi and Visalus are a viable legit Direct Sales company Backed by Blyth a Billion dollar public company based Greenwich, CT. Visalus has been around for more than 6 years with a remarkable and affordable product line consisting of Visalus protein Shakes for weight loss, energy drinks such as Neuro, health supplements and they even have a cutting edge anti-aging product .

Visalus offers their promoters a powerful marketing system with training, auto responders, squeeze pages, landing pages, tools for social media and so much more. Visalus founders and executive team understands marketing has invested millions of dollars into a Vi-net marketing system which is years ahead any other company in the MLM industry making body by vi one of the best MLM companies to join. This powerful marketing system makes it simple to promote the body by vi challenge.
One of the best things about the Body by vi challenge is the disappearing autoship. Most network companies have an expensive autoship requirement each month. The Visalus Body By Vi challenge allows distributors and customers to sign up 3…Yes refer only 3 customers to the same challenge kit as you or higher and your autoship is free, Maintain those 3 or more customers and never pay for your challenge kit again!

A lot of network marketing companies give exclusive prizes like cars only at the top of the compensation plan. Visalus rewards distributors at the bottom of the compensation plan with a BMW bonus of $600 with only a regional director status. There are currently about 6300 distributors at this level.
If you want to be a customer of the body by vi challenge and are ready to get going you can do so by clicking here get started for as little as $49 with the balance kit with enough powder to make 30 shakes, I recommend the Shape kit for $99 if you are more serious about losing weight, with the shape kit you get enough powder to make 2 shakes a day.Replace breakfast and lunch eat a regular dinner and you should see rapid results.

Visalus doesn’t suggest that you drink their protein shakes for the rest of your life it is a 90 day challenge the body by vi 90 day challenge is just that, a challenge. Do it for 90 days and kick start your transformation! The first couple of weeks I noticed that my energy level was going up and my clothes were fitting better, I was losing weight and feeling pretty good. So I was more aware of what I was eating and made better choices I drank two shakes a day and started to exercise a little, losing weight and feeling better may cause you to become more active, you can read more body by vi reviews from real customers.
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