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Body by Vi is a product made popular by the company Visalus Sciences, which is a health and wellness company founded in 2005. They sell a system known as the Body by vi 90-Day Challenge which claims it can help anybody lose weight and maintain muscle while supplying the body all that it requires to function optimally. This is a specially made meal replacement shake that is sold as a safe and fast way to lose weight. No other weight loss challenge has had such a phenomenal growth as the 90 day challenge. The reason for this sudden popularity is the great surge in demand for this product fuelled by the results people are seeing.

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body by vi reviews







Body by vi reviews  read what real people had to say about doing the 90-day challenge.


Kristy- My first 30 days and I lost 12 lbs.  I fell of the wagon some this past week but I’m happy with the 12 lbs. lost so far!  Who wouldn’t be.. Right?.

Justin- I have been on the challenge for 6 weeks and I lost 22lbs so far! This is so easy.

Robert- I am on my last week of the 90 day challenge and my goal was to lose 60 pounds and so far to date I have lost 55 pounds.

Mandy- 10 inches gone and I lost 24 pounds thank you body by vi!!  These shakes taste good and they work. So what are you waiting for?

Patricia- I am busy mom and it’s hard to have a good breakfast most mornings, so i have a quick protein shake, it’s so easy and it taste really good







The World Health Organization (W.H.O) statistics records that 65% of Americans are obese or overweight, while 33.8% are obese. There are other products, which deliver average results, but the Body by Vi Challenge has been simply exceptional. It has gained the attention of Actors, Celebrities, Pro Boxers, MMA Fighters, Weightlifters and Athletes of different sizes and shapes. But most importantly this product is also quickly getting the attention of average people who simply want to shed weight and stay healthy and fit. The Body by VI Challenge was created by Ryan Blair, Nick Sarnicola and Blake Mallen and is backed by the Billion dollar American company Blyth.

The vi shape mix is a protein powder like no other. There are other protein powders in the market. However, the body by vi protein powder is better than the others because it contains a lot of nutrients that the others lack such as three types of protein, and tri sorb fiber it has much less sugar and calories than some of the others, and it is also very affordable and cost about half of what other products are selling for in the market only about $1.87 per serving.  And the taste is great without any chalky after taste. So whether you are using it to lose weight and build lean muscles, or you just want to add a healthy protein shake to your routine, you will be spending less money than eating lunch from a drive thru..


The Body by Vi 90 –Day challenge is super effective and popular. Just look at those who use the products and that are achieving great results. With this product, you can easily shed that holiday belly fat or get ready for summer. Many professionals in the health, fitness and wellness sector are raving about this product, including nutritionists and certified personal trainers. Indeed, the 90-Day challenge is getting very impressive lasting results, and it also comes with a very strong money-back guarantee, so you do not have anything to lose. The body By Vi challenge  is now a movement that fast spreading around the dieting and fitness community at a speed nobody has seen in years.